Kautapen Lodge – Week 9: March 2nd to 9th, 2024

Last week at Kau Tapen Lodge, we welcomed anglers from the UK, Scotland, Ireland, and the USA. With diverse backgrounds, both seasoned and novice fly-fishing enthusiasts created a lively atmosphere by the riverside. Reflecting on the week, the camaraderie and shared passion set the stage for many enjoyable moments both at the river and the lodge.

Angling conditions last week presented a rollercoaster of challenges. The week began with erratic weather, with daily changes bringing varying wind directions, making casting a constant challenge. Despite the mix of high and low-pressure systems, the river level steadily decreased. However, a dramatic turn occurred on Wednesday, as persistent south winds brought steady rain throughout the day. This sudden deluge caused a rapid rise in the river level the following day, accompanied by an influx of weeds and murky water. The unforeseen conditions made fishing exceptionally challenging, testing the skills and adaptability of anglers amid unpredictable weather patterns.

The highlight of the week lies in the multitude of hooked fish, although maintaining the catch posed a challenge. Despite the struggle, the fish we did land were of top-tier quality, showcasing the rewarding pursuit of trophy catches. As the season approaches its end, the larger fish have become notably aggressive. This shift was evident this week, with numerous catches in the high teens for every angler, amplifying the excitement of anticipating the presence of these formidable specimens on the prowl. The thrill of pursuing these big ones adds an extra layer of excitement to the angling experience in these closing weeks of the season.

This past week’s fishing endeavors proved fruitful with impressive catches. Paul secured the crown for the largest catch, an impressive 21.5-pounder, showcasing his angling prowess. Following closely, Philip reeled in a substantial 19-pounder, while John and Luke each landed commendable 18-pounders. Harry added to the success with a solid 17-pound catch. Moreover, the waters buzzed with action as anglers successfully hooked additional fish in the 13 to 16-pound range. The varied sizes and skilled angling demonstrated the richness of our fishing grounds, promising memorable moments for all who cast their lines.

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