Week 11 : March 18 – 25, 2017

The week began with some challenging fishing due to high water and chocolate-colored flows. But as the days progressed, conditions improved as the water levels dropped. Then a cold front blew in, and we were met with new adversities all over again.

Chilly water temperatures ranged from 7 degrees C to about 10 degrees. And mornings were consistently slow. By early afternoon through sunset, however, the fish were more cooperative. We used full-sinking lines, or T17 tips, coupled with large flies, and we fished slow and methodically—thoroughly covering the water for the best results. It was a game of patience and persistence, for both guides and clients. And in the end, we all found what we were looking for.

Congratulations guests!

Fish showed a variety of physical characteristics this week: from bright chromers to sea-run browns showing their pre-spawn colors. And at this point, as we inch toward the end of the fishing season, fresh fish are still entering the system, which bodes well for the weeks ahead.


Guglielminetti Gastón

Fishing Manager


Water Temp: 9 ºC

Biggest fish: 22 lbs

Number of fish hooked: 129

Number of Fish over 15 lbs: 19

Average weight of fish: 10.8 lbs

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