Week 7: Feb. 18 – 25, 2017

This past week ushered in some variable weather, with light wind to start followed by a nuclear easterly that packed plenty of rain. River levels bounced up and down, which can make for some challenging fishing. However, our guests persevered.
Daryl and James had 12 fish to hand by the end of the first day, all in the teens. James’ fortune continued when he landed a beautiful 21-pounder out at Dc. Rocks. All told, the first three days produced three 20+ pound fish—some fantastic Rio Grande specimens!
Toward the end of the week, 40 mph upstream winds gave us less reason to celebrate. But we chipped away and still managed a few fish per session. Overall numbers were slightly lower than pervious weeks, but the quality of fish remains high. The river is now on the rise. If it stabilizes at a decent level we could be in for an epic week ahead. Keeping our fingers crossed!
Thanks everyone. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Argentina!
—Toby Burrell
Kau Tapen Guide
Water Temp: 13 degrees C
Biggest fish: 21lbs, David
Number of Fish over 15lbs: 17
Average weight of fish: 8.9lbs

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