Week 5: Feb. 4 – 11, 2017

Our fifth week at Kau Tapen lodge has come to an end. This time clients from Austria, the U.S. and England experienced some highly variable conditions: three hot, windless days followed by a torrential fourth day, with a ferocious upstream wind. As you can imagine, the river went from very low and clear to high and extremely muddy.

Changing conditions prompted us to switch up tactics—often. Everyday we experimented with an array of flies and lines and tips and strategies. And I guess we did something right, considering the astounding numbers our guests put up.

As weather and river conditions changed so too did the moods of our sea-run browns. Some days were slow, others were fast and furious. Ginny and Mark experienced the latter during a short morning session when they landed four fish between 20 and 26 pounds. Brothers Peter and Barnum, on the other hand, were quick studies when it came to spey-casting techniques and had an unforgettable week. Finally, 81-year-old Jerry was brought to tears by his outstanding 24-pounder, which he dedicated to his friend who couldn’t make the trip.

For now the river continues changing, giving us variety of different stories, challenges, and moments of satisfaction.


—Gaston Guglielminetti

Head Guide Kau Tapen Lodge


—Toby Burrell

Guide at Kau Tapen Lodge


Water Temp: 13C

Biggest fish: 26lbs, Mark

Number of fish hooked: 141

Number of Fish over 10lbs: 56

Average Weight: 8.9lbs


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