Week 1: Jan. 3-10, 2015

After their long flights from multiple destinations in the northern hemisphere, seven exhausted guests arrived in the windswept town of Rio Grande. They made their way along the dusty road over rolling hills, soon arriving at the world famous Kau Tapen Lodge.
A week prior to the guests’ arrivals, the odd fish was trickling into the mid-stretch of the Rio Grande where Kau Tapen waters are located. However, the clients were welcomed with a bang! Massive tides, a dropping river, and a low ceiling of clouds created perfect conditions to get the week started off just right.
The group of 7 rods landed 74 sea trout, with countless additional hookups. And expectations were exceeded considering the run had just begun. The best fish of the week went to angler Fred Clough from Maine. His monstrous doe measured 39.4 inches and weighed an estimated 27 to 30 pounds. He battled the wind with his 9 foot single-handed rod while everyone else threw double-handers. A trophy well earned and well deserved. Other fish were weighed in between 14 and 17 pounds, with a couple 18s and another beautiful 22-pound buck.
Some epic battles were won, and some lost, but memories were made that will last a lifetime. A big thanks to our first guests of the season for their laughter and enthusiasm, which kept the morale up no matter what Mother Nature threw at us.
James Topham
Kau Tapen Lodge Fishing Manager

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