Week 3: Jan. 17-24, 2015

With another week gone at Kau Tapen, we are praying for rain. The Rio Grande is at an extremely low condition. In fact it’s the lowest water conditions we’ve seen here in a long time. At least in the last five years. Fishing however, is still okay.

Not as many fish were hooked this past week, but more landed then previous weeks since the season began. A total landed of 116 sea trout between 10 rods bumped the average up, and given the sunny conditions and low water everyone was happy. Rain is in the forecast and were experiencing showers as this is being written. With the old superstition in mind, we’re all looking for spiders to step on to bring some more rain.
Single hand rods are good for covering most pools at the moment with the use of the double hander in some wider areas. 12ft rods are the best choice at the moment, so if you’re getting ready to come, pack a shorter double hander with a skandinavian line.

Winds have been light and temperatures high. The water has been warm and ultimately the evening sessions have produced the most and bigger fish.

Guests Nichole Stroh and Mitchell Nelson both took home the fish of the week with two beautiful 17lb sea trout. Steady catches of 10-12lb fish are being reported daily. The average at the moment is about 7lbs. Lots of big fish have been showing up and the River is absolutely full of fish. We’re just waiting for the conditions to be optimal and the river should start pumping out fish. Let it rain!

Thanks to everyone in the last week for the great time and we’ll see you again next year.

Week 4 is currently under way and the fishing has been better.

Let it rain!

James Topham

Kau Tapen Lodge Fishing Manager

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